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3rd TOPIC: The Cheerleading in USA
3rd TOPIC: The Cheerleading in USA
3rd TOPIC: The Cheerleading in USA
3rd TOPIC: The Cheerleading in USA


Cheerleading is a mixture of gym, dance and singing.


The sport was born in Princeton University in a game in 1898. Following this event, an association was created to encourage the football players. At its beginning, the association is composed mainly of men. Twenty years later, is supplemented by dance elements, but aerobatics the song's origins. Over time, organizations are increasing in the United States, especially in universities. In 1960, the first team was the Dallas Cowboys. Five years after the incentives are used with pom-poms, where the presence of more numerous girls. Cheerleading is now considered as a sport in its own right by the NFL (National Football League), but some people do not consider it as such.




The organization of teams is quite simple, one team per university or college whose mission is to promote the sport but also (and especially) to emphasize the prestige of the school. There are professional teams supervised by the NFL created in the 60s. These teams meet at competitions that allow them to improve their reputation (Cheerleading World Championships, National Cheerleaders Association, ...).

Most of the NFL cheerleaders are students or hold another job in the middle of the show, for example, in order to meet their needs.

Before this sport on a professional level ground, it must first be proven in university, get castings, signing a contract with a semi-pro four years and therefore receive a salary . Although Cheerleading is considered the national sport for women to United State, a professional earns only $ 200 per game.




The American high school students can receive a scholarship thanks to the sport, as well as the French students can benefit thanks to their notes, the income of their parents, their attitude ... So Cheerleading allows its practitioners to enter university without financial problems. In addition, a purse is a great way to show his level of success, which is a very important point for Americans, especially for parents.


The salary of a professional cheerleader is $ 200 per match about can not be considered as a main job. However, this sport can lead to artistic professions. In addition, many people have gone through in their youth Cheerleading box.






Cheerleading is in perfect harmony with American values.

Confidence to start is imperative for human pyramids or worn. The cheerleaders are forced to trust their partners, and self-confidence is also developed.

There is also a taste of the competition, which is manifested by the competition between teams from different regions. Or respect among the cheerleaders team functioning that requires constant harmony in relations between teammates. If this team is poorly done, the errors may cheerleaders intolerable for the safety of each. All these values inculcated in their cheerleaders used later for their professional life, but also social.


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