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  • 3rd TOPIC: The Cheerleading in USA

    24 octobre 2012

    PRESENTATION Cheerleading is a mixture of gym, dance and singing. HISTORY The sport was born in Princeton University in a game in 1898. Following this event, an association was created to encourage the football players. At its beginning, the association...


    24 septembre 2012

    NBA FANS ! This video shows that in United States fans are much implicated to support their favorite team , they dress the jerseys of their favorite player . They also thought to dress their children or even their babies . They buy a lot of stuff with...

  • 1st TOPIC: Michael Jordan The Symbol Of The American Culture

    25 septembre 2012 ( #Sports, #American Culture )

    Michael Jordan was the best basketball player in the world. He has marked his time through his athletic performance. He is a symbol of success for all the Americans and probably more for the Afro. He has a track record worthy of a legend in the sport....

  • 2nd TOPIC: Mohamed Ali a Symbol of American Culture

    29 septembre 2012 ( #sports, #american culture )

    Muhammad Ali is an important person in the history; because he was one representative of African-American who was at this time fighting for survival and to remove inequalities. Number of African-Americans during 60s and 70s were in a terrible struggle...

  • Interview of Americans Students about the last Presidential Election and Actuals Debates

    04 décembre 2012

    I decided to make these interview about the principal debates during the last election, because I think that is an current subject and I would like to know more about the point of view of real Americans . I ask four of my Americans friends who were pleased...

  • Topics

    30 septembre 2012 ( #Topics, #american culture, #sports )

    1 TOPIC : Michael Jordan, a symbol of the American culture 2 TOPIC : Mohamed Ali, a symbol of the American culture 3 TOPIC : The cheerleading in USA, a sport based on American values 4 TOPIC : Fervors of fans in USA (In project) Ultramixx - Dr Dre & Snoop...

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